The population forecast for Victoria

This webinar was presented on Monday, April 8th 2024 at 12.30pm AEST.

Watch the full recording on demand or view the slides, recap and other resources from this webinar, as we present our latest forecasts of population, housing and residential development for each region of Victoria

What are the hotspots for future growth in each region?

What share of Australia's growth will go to each region over the next 25 years?

✔ What are the demographic drivers of population change in each region?

✔ How do planned development and zoning capacities influence the housing and population outlook?

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The short recap

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The presentation slides

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Prepared and presented by experts from Australia's largest independent population forecasting team.

Johnny Barnard

Johnny Barnard

Principal forecaster

Johnny is a population forecaster and spatial consultant with an extraordinary knowledge of places across Australia. He has been analysing Australia’s urban changes since the late 1980s. This knowledge is now being used to inform .id’s view on population change in the post-Covid world.

Richard Thornton

Richard Thornton

Population forecaster

Richard has been a forecaster with .id for over 15 years, so brings a deep knowledge of places across Australia to our work. With a background in urban planning, regeneration and social housing, Richard previously worked in the housing sector in the UK and for the Victorian Government, and he regularly presents on the policy implications and challenges of demographic change for a variety of audiences.

Andrew Hedge

Andrew Hedge

Content and communications

Andrew shares the analysis, insights and stories of place uncovered by our forecasters as they undertake detailed research into what's driving population change in each region of Australia.


Sally Blandy

Location strategy consultant

Sally specialises in providing strategic advice based on demographic evidence across a range of industries including utilities, property, education and local government.

Katie King

Katie King

Location strategy consultant

Building on years of experience in GIS analysis and product development, Katie works closely with our private sector clients in industries ranging from Education to Utilities and emergency services to help them use the insights from our forecasting team to make informed location and investment decisions.


Brian Moran

Location strategy consultant

A passionate and curious strategist, Brian’s strength is applying strategic thinking to develop a deep understanding of the needs of our clients, as they try to make decisions about location and investment when planning for the future. Brian’s background is in consulting, strategy, and technology, helping businesses across a range of industries to explore opportunities and mitigate risk using data and insight.