Living in Place

a new and better way to help local government represent their community's best interests in strategic planning and advocacy

What is Living in Place?

Living in Place is an independent, robust and repeatable community survey that seeks to understand and advance the liveability of Australians' local areas.

Take the survey yourself or download a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions and Benefits for Councils.

What will it tell us?

Living in Place will provide you with a deep and representative understanding of your community's values, their local area experiences, the LGA's overall liveability and residents' future needs. It creates a resident centric evidence base to inform, monitor and evaluate strategic planning and advocacy.

Living in Place is already being used across Australian LGAs. Read about one example here.

How will we use the insights?

Our best-in-class online reporting and exploratory platform,, delivers an efficient and interactive visual representation of your community's views, including external comparisons, geographic and demographic differences, change-over-time, and self-serve exploratory analysis capabilities.

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Watch this 90 second video to learn more about Living in Place. Book an introductory presentation for your council today.

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Efficiently delivered across three stages...

product-design (1)


We work with closely with council to determine the sample size required to represent your community's views, firm up the project time-frames and finalise the questionnaire.



We use our proven social media advertising methodology to survey a large sample of your community - ensuring that the geographic and demographic composition reflects your LGA.



Your LGA's findings are published onto our best-in-class online reporting and exploratory platform, We also produce a visually engaging views report and bring your results to life in the local policy context via an insights workshop.

Tour our online reporting & exploratory platform,


Video 1: Headlines and Navigation

The Headlines and Navigation page is where you land after logging into your council’s tailored version of

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Video 2: Living in Place pages

The Living in Place pages showcase your LGA’s overall liveability, what your residents believe makes somewhere a good place to live, how they experience their local area in that regard and which specific attributes your community believes need to be maintained and improved to advance quality of life...

Living in Place



Video 3: Modules, Maps and Local Areas

If your council has elected to participate in the additional questionnaire modules we offer to complement Living in Place, these results are available online as well...

Modules and Maps



Video 4: Visual Explorer

For those who really want to get into the data, our visual explorer meets that need...

Visual Explorer


Some of our local government clients who use Living in Place...

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Resources and contact information...

Case studies

"Living in Place showed the City just how critical 'feeling safe' is to its residents, that there is some work to be done to improve local area transport experiences and that 'affordable decent housing' is one of Ipswich's absolute and relative strengths."

Read the full case study.


"we believe that liveability manifests in many ways, and that discovering it requires two things: a resident-centric approach – to account for human preferences, and the capability to view it through the lens of small area geographies – to understand the role of place"

More articles here.

About our team

Living in Place is delivered by our newly formed Community Views team. Community Views, led by Daniel Evans, represents resident and stakeholder perspectives to inform local government decision making.

Email Dan for more information.