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School Enrolments Planning Guide

A free guide to forecasting demand in your school catchment

Plan your school's future with confidence

The rapid growth of Australia's population is presenting both opportunities and challenges for many schools across Australia.

In this free guide, we show you how to use free, publicly-available population forecasts to model the likely impact of this change on your catchment and future enrolments.

greentick-1 Step-by-step instructions to find and analyse population forecast and demographic data for your catchment area
greentick-1 Templated spreadsheet report
greentick-1 Helpful hints from our experts
greentick-1 Identifying strategic opportunities to grow enrolments

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Why is this guide free?

For most schools, a basic assessment of population forecasts in their catchment is enough to decide if further analysis is needed.

If you're applying for funding or making a significant investment decision, learn more about our detailed catchment analysis reports here.

Download the School Enrolments Planning Guide here