Residential development forecasts

Understand when and where residential development activity is happening before it starts, so you can deliver the right services, to the right specifications, in the right place, and at the right time.

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Accessible, detailed development insights

Get timing, sequence and dwelling capacity information for current and future residential development sites over ten dwellings in a clear map format.
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site identification

Site name and ID

A unique identifier and descriptive name for each site.
place local area profiling_Block_ORANGE

SAFi area

Each site is contained within a SAFI area. This reference allows you to understand the underlying assumptions within each SAFi area.

Number of dwellings

Forecast number of new dwellings to be constructed in the forecast period (2021-2041)

Places-CBD city Orange-Block-

Total capacity

The maximum number of dwellings planned for the development site.


Start and finish

The year development is forecast to start and finish.

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We've done the research for you

Researching development in-house can be time-consuming and patchy. We combine data from many sources, including our unique insights from working with local council planners across Australia, to produce a consistent and comprehensive view of future development activity.

Council planning policy Property databases Building approvals Aerial photography Land use changes

A trusted, independent view of future residential development

A balanced outlook

When researching a single site or estate it's easy to miss the big picture.

As demographic forecasters, we assess the timing of future development based on both supply and demand for housing across a region. This results in more realistic forecasts of the timing of residential development in a given area.

New housing development

Get it right the first time

Avoid costly future upgrades to infrastructure and invest with confidence. With clear data about the ultimate capacity of a given site, location, or estate, you can make an informed decision about the size and type of infrastructure required to meet the needs of a future community.

Development site summary

Clear spatial presentation

Our development layer is presented in a clean, consistent format that can be used in GIS software including MapInfo, ArcGIS or we can help you present the data spatially using our Placemaker tool.


Timing and development sequences

By combining data about the current stage of development (from precinct planning to construction) with a demand constraint from our SAFi population forecasts, we can provide a realistic estimate for the timing of a particular site's development.

Integration support

Integration support

Our data visualisation and GIS experts are here to support you to access the rich insights available within these forecasts. If you have existing GIS or modeling applications, we will help you integrate this dataset with your existing systems.

Our development layer is available in major urban centres, growth areas and the parts of Australia experiencing the greatest magnitude of change. Request a data sample here or register here to be notified when development insights are updated for a region of interest to you.

Our developments forecasts are a spatial database layer compatible with .id placemaker and GIS applications.

Case study

Planning water infrastructure

This utility is the principal supplier of water, wastewater and drainage services to hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses and farms. They use .id’s Small Area Forecast information (SAFi) and Residential development forecasts to help determine the timing, size and location of future infrastructure investments.

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Planning water infrastructure and utilities

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