eBook: Which population forecast should I use?


Knowing how the population will change is extremely valuable for any organisation that is planning for the future.

In this eBook, we provide you with a comprehensive guide to choosing the right population forecast for your business.

There are many forecasts available, produced by different organisations for various purposes, using different assumptions and methodologies. This alone can have a big effect on the outcome of the forecast. Add into the mix the different geographies and outputs and it is little wonder that it is so challenging to find a reliable source of data that aligns with your business objectives.To inform your plans and make confident decisions you will need to rely on a population forecast to quantify the size and characteristics of the population in a specific place at a given time in the future.In this 50-page eBook, we have compiled a comprehensive guide of the available population forecasts in Australia;

  • who produces them
  • what assumptions they use
  • what outputs are available
  • what geography they cover
  • what level of detail

Our aim is to help you to build the best evidence base for your critical decision making, without agenda or bias.Complete the form to obtain your copy, and understand how crucial picking the right population forecast is to your business.

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