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Informing location decisions


We help the people who are planning tomorrow's communities invest in the right place at the right time.


Our location decisions team are trusted to help set electoral boundaries, plan infrastructure for national utilities, ensure our emergency services are adequately resourced and locate schools for tomorrow's children.

Combining demographic rigour with modelling that can respond to significant new information, we're proud to provide reliable, up-to-date insights for the organisations who plan our communities.


Why we're different

Our in-depth knowledge of what's driving population change in Australia, together with a rigorous methodology to quantify where and when changes will occur.  This provides any organisation delivering services to people in place a forward view of demand so they can plan with confidence and make informed investment decisions.

Top-down and bottom-up

Our population forecasting approach combines a top-down view of Australia with a bottom-up view of what's driving population change at the local level. 

Focused on change

By monitoring the underlying assumptions in all our forecasts and prioritising updates in places that are experiencing the most rapid change, we maintain the most up-to-date and reliable forecasts available to Australian planners.

Our services

We work with organisations of all sizes to help them make informed decisions when investing places for the future.

Small area forecasts

Plan with confidence using the forecasts that are trusted to set electoral boundaries, locate schools and plan essential services.

Our forecasts are designed to match the unique shape of your catchment or service area.



Residential development forecasts

See when and where residential development activity is forecast to happen before it starts, so you can deliver the right services, to the right specifications, in the right place, and at the right time.


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Meet the team

From forecasting to technology and client support, we work side-by-side to help you make informed decisions. 

Johnny Barnard

Consultant and forecaster

Johnny has been forecasting, analysing, and mapping Australia’s urban changes since the late 1980s, completing projects to inform board-level decisions with the AFL, NRL, Stockland, Red Cross and numerous education providers.

Sally Blandy

Location Strategy Consultant

Sally specialises in providing strategic advice based on demographic evidence across a range of industries including utilities, property, education and the resources sector.

Bruce Cauchi

Spatial App Developer

Bruce loves a challenge and is the driving force behind the development of our spatial analysis and forecast modelling technologies.

Brian Moran

Location Strategy Consultant

Brian applies strategic thinking to develop a deep understanding of the needs of our clients, as they make decisions about location and investment when planning for the future.

Katie King

Location strategy consultant

With a background in GIS analysis and product development, Katie works with our customers to ensure we deliver value to our customers through our tools and consulting expertise.

John O'Leary

Population forecaster

John has devoted a career to demography and economics for the Commonwealth and Victorian Treasuries and Planning agencies and now builds our forecasting models.

Darren Thomas

Mapping and GIS specialist

From managing complex geography and data issues, to building migration maps, to designing web content and project managing complex builds, to ensuring our products are searchable and accessible, Darren is our go-to man.

Andrew Hedge

Marketing and content

Andrew ensures the knowledge, passion and expertise on hand at .id are shared generously and as widely as possible (we’ve found this is the best way to meet like-minded people who we love working with).

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