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Living in Place - understanding and advancing liveability
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A resident centric approach to understanding liveability

Living in Place is an independent, robust and repeatable community survey that seeks to understand and advance the liveability of Australians’ local areas.
What makes somewhere a good place to live?
How do your residents rate their local area's performance?
What do you need to do to maintain and improve liveability?

Living in Place

Combines your residents’ values and experiences to understand and advance the liveability of your local government area.


  • Understand your community's values

    Delivers a deep understanding as to what your residents believe makes somewhere a good place to live, how values differ within and across your community and how your local government area compares to others.

  • Understand your community's experiences

    Provides insight as to how your residents rate their local area’s performance against the individual attributes that contribute to making somewhere a good place to live, how these experiences differ across your community and how well your local government area delivers relative to others.

  • Advance the liveability of your LGA

    Explicitly identifies the attributes that your residents believe need to be maintained and improved in order to advance the liveability of your local government area.

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How it works

Living in Place is collaboratively designed and efficiently collected and reported over a six week period

  • 1. Design

    We work with you to determine how many residents from across your local government area to survey and how will these interviews will be geographically dispersed. 

    We seek to understand which, if any, of the additional questionnaire modules you would like to ask. Topics include understanding your residents' health & well-being, personal financial circumstances, concerns and ideas for improving quality of life.

  • 2. Collect

    We administer your Living in Place survey with residents’ using our proven and representative social media advertising methodology.

  • 3. Report

    Your Living in Place results are reported across four complementary platforms, including an online dashboard that efficiently represents and communicates the key findings, a customised insights report and workshop that builds narrative around your findings and they mean for your community and strategic planning, and a set of summary data-tables to facilitate further analysis.


A reliable and independent understanding of your community delivered by the experts