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.id's economic experts have developed a comprehensive suite of tools, consulting  services and insights to help you build your recovery plan and make important decisions.

set your economic development agenda with confidence

Our online tools and tailored consulting services are aimed at identifying the key challenges and opportunities in your local economy, so you can prioritise programs and investment in the right areas.

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Depth & Insights

Our economic experts provide in-depth insights behind the data by drawing on their knowledge of urban and regional economics and years of experience working with local government across Australia.

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Understand the economic outlook and risks

Online tool providing an extended economic and jobs forecast for your local area. This tool is aimed at helping decision makers understand the economic forces impacting their region so that they can plan ahead to manage specific industry challenges and seize opportunities.

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More hours in the week

Don't have enough time to build the evidence base? Too busy helping businesses with their challenges? Let us be your local economics team and build the evidence base for you.

Our insights about the economic impact of COVID-19

ONLINE TOOL: Outlook - COVID-19 Economic Forecasts

This tool, called Outlook, is aimed at helping decision makers understand the economic forces impacting their region so that they can plan ahead to manage specific industry challenges and seize opportunities. Check out an example here.

WEBINAR: Regional Economic Impacts of COVID-19

In this blog, Rob Hall recaps yesterday’s webinar where he shared the early results of that work, and the framework you can use to understand how the economic effects of the pandemic may affect your region.

BLOG: Quarterly Economic Data Shows the impact of COVID-19 by LGA

Australia’s economy continues to recover strongly from the impact of COIVD-19, but as this blog shows, the job impacts of COVID-19 varies from region to region. In this update, Rob identifies the Local Government Areas most impacted by COVID-19

BLOG: How to create an economic baseline for your COVID-19 response plan

As many councils work to support their local communities, businesses and industries during the Covid-19 pandemic, Ryan James reminds us of some basic methods to assess the status of your local economy.

A suite of tools and services to help you build your economic recovery plan

Economic Insight Report

Our Economic Insight Report identifies the key challenges and opportunities in your local economy. Covers current economic position, recent trends, drivers of recent change, strategic sectors and localised SWOT. A crucial first step in the development of an economic recovery plan or long term economic development strategy.

Economic Outlook

Economic forecasts can highlight the scale of the negative impacts and the clear need for support to ensure your region can sustain the livelihood of businesses and residents in the medium term. This online tool draws on economic forecasts from NIEIR, Australia's leading economic modellers of small area data.

Industry focus

Sometimes more information is required to understand the opportunities and challenges facing a specific industry as it recovers from COVID-19. Our Industry Profiles allow you to set sector baselines, monitor major industry movements, highlight strategic sectors to investors, identify unique local characteristics. 

Scenario modelling

Our scenario modelling looks at what is required to close the gap between your forecast and the pre-COVID outlook. This provides important context about the level of intervention likely to be required to support a full economic recovery.


Our presentations are a great way to get access to .id's economic data, analysis and insights from working with over 300 local governments in Australia. 

Training and support

Need help using our tools? .id’s products come with a comprehensive support programme designed to ensure clients receive full value from the information provided and to encourage the use of this information across the organisation and broader community. Get in touch if you need help or advice.


understand the key challenges and opportunities in your local economy by using our suite of tools and consulting services. 

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Economic Insight Report


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"As part of a Community Workforce Plan, .id performed an Economic Health Check for us. We were really pleased with the outcome, they were quick and provided some fantastic data and cut it into a very manageable usable way. Providing data in this way has met that we have been able to set a check action plan to help us to move in the right direction."

Charlotte Hoddle

Manager, Economic Development
Gunnedah Shire Council

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The forecast team has just published an eBook, Demographic delays: how closed borders will impact the future demand for services. The population slowdown will have a significant impact on the economy. 

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Our expert economics team has developed a suite of tools and consulting services to  help you build an economic recovery plan.

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