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We understand the importance of having a comprehensive understanding of your local economy. That's why we have developed an Economic Health Check report that assesses the current state of play and identify the key issues that will impact local industries and workers. Our team of economic development experts can interrogate the wealth of data available about your local economy, providing you with deep insights that can inform your economic development strategy.


Economic performance

Is your LGA's economy expanding faster or slower than neighbouring or similar LGAs? How is the local economy recovering from COVID-19?

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Drivers of economic change

What is driving recent change? Is change being driven by growing population, changes in workforce participation, or productivity changes? Has recent building investment supported growth?

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Competitive industries

What are your competitive industries, and how are they performing? Which industries are over or under-represented when compared to benchmark areas? What are the forces impacting your most important industries?

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Employment precincts

How are your employment precincts performing? Which locations support the greatest employment and businesses? What is the industry specialisation in each precinct?


Socio-economic and skill profile

How does the local demographic profile influence economic development? What is the skill profile of your resident workers? Is there a skills mismatch?

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Opportunities, challenges and actions

What are the economic opportunities and challenges? What major projects will influence industry change? How will forecast demographic change effect local demand?

Who we have helped

We've worked with a range of councils from regional and metropolitan Australia to help them understand the drivers of their local economy.

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How our clients are using the Economic Health Check

Our economic experts are engaged by councils and organisations across Australia to provide in-depth insights behind the data. Our experts draw on their knowledge of urban and regional economic development and years of experience working with decision makers across Australia. This information is used by councils to develop evidence based economic development strategies, investment attraction plans and support grant applications. 

Working with Nathan and his team at NDP Economic Development, alongside .ID Consulting, has been a great experience in developing our first Economic Development Strategy for Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
Case Study
Deb Kempe - Team Leader, Economic Development & Tourism
Rob and Nathan, thank you so much for your expertise, time, patience and wonderful work ethic. It was a real pleasure to have worked with you both on this project. Nothing seemed to phase either of you when we brought you questions, changes, tight deadlines and so much more.
Sarah Rowe - Manager Economic Development
We were really pleased with the outcome [of the Economic Health Check], they were quick and provided some fantastic data and cut it into a very manageable usable way. Providing data in this way has met that we have been able to set a check action plan to help us to move in the right direction.
Case Study
Charlotte Hoddle - Manager, Economic Development

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Case Study

Building the evidence base for Northern Beaches next economic development strategy.

Northern Beaches Council needed a comprehensive understanding of the local economy to support the development of an action plan and economic development strategy.

Read the full case study here →

Why .id?

There are many consultants in the economic development world who could potentially help you with this project. So why work with .id? Here are several reasons that I hope help you select us:

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Economic experts

You will work directly with Rob Hall, Keenan Jackson and/or John Kim. We are trained and experienced economists that specialise in sub-state analysis. This means you won’t be passed off to a junior employee.

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Local area experience

We work closely with over 300 local government clients across Australia and manynon-local government clients engaged in community building. This gives us a detailed understanding of issues impacting local communities.


Focus on the 'so what'

Our online tools gives us in-depth knowledge of your region and understanding of what is driving change and in which direction it will head. This means that we spend more time on what the data is telling us rather than data collection and desktop review.

How to get started

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