Western Australia: Is it all doom and gloom after the boom?

What does the future hold for the population of WA following the mining boom?

Much of the impetus for population growth in Western Australia has come from the mining industry boom.

In the last decade, WA has experienced unprecedented levels of population growth, driven by increased levels of overseas migration, population gain through interstate migration, and an increase in birth rates.

In more recent times, WA has lost its lustre as a destination for overseas migration, and record numbers of people have left the state in search of employment opportunities in the Eastern States.

In this eBook, we take a look at the demographic factors impacting WA's population growth. We use our latest Small Area Forecast information (.id SAFi) to understand and contextualise future population change across the state, regionally, at a local level for Greater Perth, and at a suburban and small area level.

.id's SAFi population forecasts provide a powerful view of the future, with information from the marco down to the micro-geographic level. Planners use this forecast information as an evidence base, providing confidence in service delivery and infrastrucutre provision decisions.

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