Australian demographic indicators

How do we compare?

Free demographic comparisons of local government areas.

Have you ever needed answers to these interesting questions.

  • Which area has the highest incomes in Australia?
  • Where is the highest proportion of over 65s?
  • Which LGA has the largest households in Australia?
  • What is the most diverse area, for people speaking a language other than English at home?

Well, here are the answers.

The National Demographic Indicators Series is a set of key social and demographic measures for every Local Government Area (LGA) in Australia. The series is drawn predominantly from the latest 2011 Census data, and Estimated Resident Population which is updated annually.

The indicators provide a snapshot of each LGA at the 2011 Census and how it compares to other LGAs. The measures have been selected to cover a broad range of socio-demographics and there is no assumption that a high or low score is “better” or “worse” on any given measure.

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