Webinar: The rise of Victoria


The Victorian population is currently booming, with growing ranks of younger people rejuvenating the population profile.

In our recent eBook: The rise of Victoria, we analysed what's driving the exciting revitalisation in Victoria including;

  • The population boom - one of the fastest growth rates since the end of WWII;
  • The population profile rejuvenation driven by younger cohorts and;
  • For the first time in history, suburban infill housing development in Melbourne outweighing fringe, greenfield development.

The_rise_of_Victoria_webinarThis on demand webinar outlines the emergence of these trends and explores their consequences, presenting analysis from each level of .id’s analytical method. An understanding of state-level population flows is of limited use if you don’t know to which regions, towns and suburbs those flows will be directed.

Complete the form to watch the recording of a live webinar, where Lailani Burra discusses how and why these changes are occurring and even more importantly exactly where and when.

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