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Melbourne Crowd - Credit: Mitchell Luo

plan your services around vulnerable communities in your area

Our experts identify the key indicators of vulnerability in your local community so you can plan for and assist those most in need.

Understand vulnerability
within your community

Identify spatial patterns
to target services

Expert insights and evidence
to make informed plans

Why do you need to understand your vulnerable communities?

Social planning and investment

Does your community plan take into account those who would most benefit?

Disaster management planning

Ensure your council disaster management plan considers those most in need in emergency situations.

Advocacy and outreach

Understanding the dominant and emerging vulnerable communities in your area allows to you keep advocacy and outreach programs meaningful.

Funding applications

Put forward your best case with clear insights regarding the unique needs of your community.

How it works

We work with you to understand how best we can support your needs, from on-the-spot training on existing tools such as Community Profile or Social Atlas to detailed bespoke consulting.

  • 1. We learn about your needs

    An initial phone or video call to understand the question or issue you're grappling with.

  • 2. We consider solutions

    What solution best supports your needs and budget? How much can you "self-serve" using existing tools? How would engaging our consulting services benefit you?

  • 3. We do the analysis

    Assuming your solution needs more than tools training or data extraction, our experts take data and turn it into meaningful stories that answer the question you have. The format and delivery method of these stories (from static reports to interactive dashboards) depends on your requirements.

  • 4. We share our insights

    We invest in ongoing relationships with our council partners; a big part of that is constantly proving ourselves reliable and trustworthy. Our collaborative approach has proven the best method for delivering meaningful results, and we see every delivery as an opportunity to continue our relationship rather than close it.

See it in action

As demographic analysts, understanding vulnerable communities is one of our core passions. Use the links below to read up on some of our thoughts and activity in this area.


Case study: Vulnerable Communities Assessment (Gold Coast)

Interactive chat - is your community demographically vulnerable?

Where is the elderly population in Australia?

Pinpointing vulnerable communities for emergency management

Video tutorial: Using Social Atlas to identify vulnerable communities

Other ways we can help

Learn more about other ways our demographic expertise can support council's making informed decisions.

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Vulnerable communities profiled by experts
Our analysis brings demographic data to life using a story-based approach that translates complex information into memorable narratives about places. As storytellers, we convey and amplify key messages, helping you visualise trends and bring stakeholders along on the journey.