Communities of Interest


Detailed demographic insights for
important groups in your community

Improve service delivery with a detailed profile for

greentick-1 The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) community
greentick-1 Females and males 
greentick-1 Specific age groups (including school-aged children, young families, elderly people or custom age cohorts)
greentick-1 People who have arrived from overseas in the last five years
greentick-1 Non-English speakers
greentick-1 People from a particular country or ethnic background
greentick-1 People with a need for assistance
greentick-1 People living in low-income households

..or request a profile for another group of interest to your council.

City-of-Maroondah-PreviewExample: The overseas-born population of Maroondah are more likely to have a bachelor's degree or higher qualification than the rest of the population in that area.

See Communities of Interest on the City of Maroondah.


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