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Visualise demographic information spatially to find new insights

puzzle_outline__ORANGE.pngUncover spatial insights hidden in the data

Discover, explore and present insights with ease

If you're sick of spending time trawling through websites and piecing together information from spreadsheets, .id Placemaker can help take your analysis to the next level.

Explore demographic data from the Australian Census spatially to uncover place-based insights that are often hidden in the data.

Interactive, web-based mapping lets you explore the demographics of places and build a robust evidence base.

Powerful reporting and exporting functionality lets you easily incorporate insights in your own analysis and reports, including charts, data, maps and tables. 



How do I get started?

Access to .id Placemaker is available on an annual subscription basis per user.  


Provide your details and a little about what you are working on so that we can offer pricing options to suit your council or organisation. 

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