eBook: Boomtown? How much and how fast is Perth growing?

Will the decline of the mining boom have an impact on population growth in Western Australia?

The characterisation of Western Australia as a ‘mining state’ diminishes the maturity and diversity of the WA economy. Similarly, while the resource sector can drive short-term fluctuations in population growth, enduring demographic trends do more to explain the WA growth trajectory over the longer run.

In the last decade, Western Australia has experienced its fastest population growth period, remaining at or above 2% for 8 years in a row.  Making it the most prolonged population boom since the early 1970s. However not all areas of Western Australia or indeed Perth itself are growing.

In this report we use our Small Area Forecast Information (SAFi) data set to zoom in and take a region-by-region view of growth over the next 20 years and look at the impacts within individual suburbs.

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**This version has been superseded. Click here to download the latest version, Western Australia: Is it all doom and gloom after the boom?

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How much and how fast is Perth growing?